Merasalaayitten Chapter 5 – Never would it be her

Never had I thought that a beautiful woman would meet me. Never had I thought that she would love me. Beautiful were the moments between us And dreams of our future were vivacious Regrets and mistakes blossomed our love And made it stronger I don’t know how The society’s orthodox mind was crowned Together and… Continue reading Merasalaayitten Chapter 5 – Never would it be her


Merasalayitten Chapter 4 – A tearful departure for a commercial future

Blissful introductions, timeless conversations, frantic quarrels and tearful departures are phenomenal in modern love stories. By witnessing five different events around me recently and on the occasion of Valentine's day, which for me is another casual Sunday, I don't have any medium to express myself other than this about the tearful and heartbreaking departures happening… Continue reading Merasalayitten Chapter 4 – A tearful departure for a commercial future

Merasalaayitten Chapter 2 – Farewell

Tomorrow will be the final day of our training. While all of us are so excited about the job which we will be doing in the ever challenging corporate world after stepping out of the training center, our hero is depressed because it will be the last day to see her. Of course, she will… Continue reading Merasalaayitten Chapter 2 – Farewell


It’s a new life and new beginning for me here in Chennai. Still we are on the way moving out of our college adolescent comfort zone. One thing that I see every day is my dearer colleague Mr. XYZ who gets struck in the cloud of dreams whenever he gets a glimpse of one of… Continue reading Merasalaayitten…