Nation and Nationalism 6 – Rise of sub nationalism

What made the latest song Aalaporaan Thamizhanto become such a massive hit even before the release of its move Mersal. Is it due to rousing tunes of AR Rahman or charming presence of Vijay?  

Unifying the horror with humor

after watching horror movies in consecutive weeks I can’t refrain from appreciating the Indian moviegoers whose minds are satiated with hilarious sense of humor that comes out only in cinema halls

Not my boss

My problem with Big Boss is not with it’s over reacting audience and also not with my roommate who keeps himself busy watching the show and orders me to bring food.

We shall fight on beaches to loot others

Spoilers ahead for Dunkirk… A nationalist review and comment about Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and ambiguous imperialist ideology of Churchill’s government. Dunkirk evacuation, France, 1940 Christopher Nolan’s thrilling depiction of the Second World War evacuation in his latest movie Dunkirk is a cinematic stroke of genius. His nonlinear narration of the evacuation episode in three chapters…

Kaththi and Communism

Kaththi is not a great communist movie but a well-crafted commercial movie in the ideological complex web of communism.

A love letter to La La Land

The power of such a smile in our life at inevitable situations has a lot of emotions and messages. There can’t be another kind of expression from broken hearts other than this kind of gentle smile

Random musings on JALLIKATTU

They claim to preserve their traditional sport and native breed of cattle which is on the verge of getting extinct by the inexhaustible greed of multinational corporations and immoral PETA


A different perspective of world leaders made such an impact on the political and social psychology of the world. Diversity of perspectives will impact the world in incredible ways.