Nation and Nationalism 5 – Greater countries

Where is the reason to be proud of any country if the entire human history is filled with suppression of weaker by stronger.


This is not an occasion to celebrate dear!!

Last night, Indian army conducted surgical strikes and destroyed few terror launch pads across LOC in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced this news in a statement given to media today morning in a hurriedly conducted press conference. I read this news at 11AM and left for office and when I … Continue reading This is not an occasion to celebrate dear!!

Top 5 which killed my time

Lately, I was listening to music and these compositions, remixes in particular, are killing my time and making me hit the replay button again and again.. What would be going in Vijay Yesudas' mind if he watches this..   2. I didn't understand even a single word in the lyrics of this Hindustani classical … Continue reading Top 5 which killed my time

An affair with technology

Lusty affair with technology I had many arguments with my friends ever since I bought a smart phone and I am being ridiculed every day for the choice I made. It did occur to me several times during everlasting thought process whether I made a wrong decision in buying a Windows phone completely aware of … Continue reading An affair with technology

An Addictive Attraction

Kabali da. Neruppu daa !!!!! Rajinikanth has a tremendous fan following which has been witnessed recently when south India was Kabalified. On the other hand, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's fans proved to be the most emotional lovers of football this month when Portugal and Argentina fared well on different occasions. And what about the … Continue reading An Addictive Attraction

Is this a class room or a fish market ?

There was no teacher in the class. She went to meet the principal to report on an important task. Before leaving, she warned the class to remain in pin drop silence until she returns. Disregarding her warnings, immediately after she stepped out, the whole class erupted into conversations which are deemed useless. The noise raised … Continue reading Is this a class room or a fish market ?

Vanity fair

Hollywood’s pretty woman Julia Roberts committed a dare devil act by walking the red carpet with bare foot at the Cannes. Whatever may be the reason for such a valiant act, but it ostensibly showed the shades of radical feminism which I innately admire. This episode reminded me the proud moment in which Bombay Jayashri … Continue reading Vanity fair