We shall fight on beaches to loot others

Spoilers ahead for Dunkirk... A nationalist review and comment about Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and ambiguous imperialist ideology of Churchill’s government. Dunkirk evacuation, France, 1940 Christopher Nolan’s thrilling depiction of the Second World War evacuation in his latest movie Dunkirk is a cinematic stroke of genius. His nonlinear narration of the evacuation episode in three chapters… Continue reading We shall fight on beaches to loot others


A love letter to La La Land

The power of such a smile in our life at inevitable situations has a lot of emotions and messages. There can't be another kind of expression from broken hearts other than this kind of gentle smile

A valiant Comrade and an adulated Amma

Nevertheless of the unmatchable magnitude of populism achieved by Mr. Castro and Ms. Jayalaithaa, they were never free of criticism and of course they never cared for it.

Modern Feminism

When I ask myself whether I am a feminist, I have to struggle to find a blunt answer. Feminism is nothing but an activism for women’s rights on the basis of equality. If we go by these words, I am a feminist, but in practice, perhaps, I wonder I am not. Feminism is rather a… Continue reading Modern Feminism

This is not an occasion to celebrate dear!!

Last night, Indian army conducted surgical strikes and destroyed few terror launch pads across LOC in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced this news in a statement given to media today morning in a hurriedly conducted press conference. I read this news at 11AM and left for office and when I… Continue reading This is not an occasion to celebrate dear!!