The Capitalist, The Socialist and INDIA

While this world progresses towards globalization, many threats flash near the horizon in forms of inflation, massive unemployment, pollution, economic depression. I share my perceptions, knowledge, and analysis about the historical evolution of economic systems, their present significance in contemporary India. Money was the father of capitalism and equality was the father of socialism. But,… Continue reading The Capitalist, The Socialist and INDIA


Ultimate SEGA

Mr.Rahul Gandhi talks about women empowerment and opening the system, Ms.Jayalalitha and Ms. Mamatha Benerjee think about third front, YS JaganMohanReddy tries to prove his innocence and Narendra Modi talks about secularism. What do you say?  Mission Impossible. Snowfall in Tamil Nadu, sunstroke in Antarctica,honest electorate and myself gaining six pack abs. Tasty food in… Continue reading Ultimate SEGA

Don’t we change?

This weekend I decided to visit Tirupathi, a piligrim city in southern India. Not on a pilgrimage , but to meet my sister and cousins. The city has changed a lot within four years. Many things which I see today were not existing while I was studying there. My memories rolled out of my mind… Continue reading Don’t we change?

Analyse and Finalize

If you are going to break a friendly relationship, just think why I am taking such a step? In my view, relationships with people around us make feel comfortable and gets rid of loneliness which many of us experience quite often. We are involved in many heated conversations at one point of time with our… Continue reading Analyse and Finalize

Be RIGHT if you want to be GREAT

Greatness WOW! Idly sambar is delicious I say this is shit!!!!! But you say it is wonderful and your friend says it is OK. We have different perceptions and judgements. Osama Bin Laden was great, says Taliban. He was a terrorist, says America. One man’s revolution is terrorism for others. If a human kills other… Continue reading Be RIGHT if you want to be GREAT


Inspirational Spring When I treaded along the streets in my university stepping on the dry leaves shed on the road, it reminded me the advent of the beautiful spring which most of us wait to cherish. Little is known to me about the varied seasons across the world. Time period of seasons vary from region to… Continue reading VASANTHAM

Tomorrow comes tomorrow

When my friend Tharun suggested me to write about procrastination which both of us usually are addicted to, I procrastinated it for a while citing silly reasons to myself. If you are eager to know about Procrastination, then look into daily activities of graduate students in India. They are busy all the time. They know… Continue reading Tomorrow comes tomorrow


Democracy has always been a satire on the common man's intellectual thinking in India. We always blame the politicians for misuse of power given to them. Firstly,  we have been misusing rights and ignoring duties which our constitution entitled us. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, a Czech representative of democracy once famously uttered a phrase " Democracy… Continue reading The taste of DEMOCRATIC SAMBAR

Another NEW YEAR !!!

There are optimistic people in the world who think that this new year will bring more success, joy, memories to them. That optimism is most commendable strength we have. TimRobbins advises Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption not to loose hope and integrity in life. Having a perfect outlook on our future is necessary for youngsters like us who are going to enter… Continue reading Another NEW YEAR !!!

The Favourite Dish

IDLY-this south Indian dish has evolved through centuries making it the most preferred item for breakfast in the four southern states. It can be found on the top of menu chart at every restaurant. Accompanied with different kinds of sambar, chutney, vadai etc.. it offers an ultimate softness to our watering mouths. People like me,  sometimes even prefer… Continue reading The Favourite Dish