Kaththi and Communism

Kaththi is not a great communist movie but a well-crafted commercial movie in the ideological complex web of communism.

Is online privacy under threat?

How would you feel when somebody is watching you when you are alone? Do you feel that your privacy is at risk with such intruders? With huge amount of online activity happening all over the world, there is huge amount of new data being created. Every user is being tracked in one way or other….

Corporate invasion of Indian Markets

Wow.. India.. The developing country with 120+crore population. The youngest country. The future of this beautiful country will be crafted by its energetic youth. The scope for reaping huge profits here is evident by the enthusiasm and rising income levels of its ever-growing population. The above facts are tempting the multinational corporations to look at…

An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, You are considered to be the most successful entrepreneur of the 21st century. Your story from Harvard to Silicon valley gives an immense inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs all over the world and I can’t prevent myself boasting that most of those are from India. Facebook was born out of your sheer…

One should buy if one really needs it

I believe in the funny fact┬átoilet is the most peaceful place on the earth for everyone irrespective of their economic status. Unfortunately, that peace and comfort is disturbed now. And at few locations in India we have to shell few coins for it. That peace and comfort is grabbed away by the penetration of aggressive…

A galore of offers

I wrote this out of my frustration I have been facing over a couple of months. The marketing strategy employed by these new startups is somewhat innovative but frustrating to me.

Big Brother cannot be trusted – Chapter 2

My recent post Big Brother cannot be trusted showcased only one side of the issue. I received comments from my friends and colleagues supporting and contradicting my view. Firstly I thank them all for sharing their opinion which made me think deep into the matter and eventually changed my opinion. After doing some homework, I…