Online publicity disasters

We might feel itchy to post something on social media and internet not completely weighing the consequences. Freedom of expression and choice has made global citizens well informed than ever before and they create whatever they want to

Infinitely embarassing

how the giant purple dude was able to do what he wanted to do in a snap of finger is still unknown to even the brightest minds of science

Are marriages made in heaven?

Marriages are not made in heaven anymore. They are choreographed on a beautifully decorated stage by two gentlemen with beautiful buttocks.

My best movies of 2017

Many vlogs, blogs and articles about top films of 2017 were there, but still even though late, I am giving my best films of 2017..

Passion- Boon or Curse??

Every single day in the past few decades has been a constant reminder of the fact that we live in a world where trust is betrayed and souls are slaughtered without any remorse or regret

ARUVI – Seasonal in form and Eternal in impact

Aruvi explores the kind of life we are living in. She hits your head too hard to sleep. She literally makes you look yourself in the mirror and asks you to judge what kind of person you see in the mirror? And it’s up to us to decide what kind of person we are.